A Global Review of Protected Area Budgets and Staff

Author: James, A.N., Green, M.J.B., Paine, J.R.
Date Published: January 1999
ISBN: 1-899628-13-4

Biodiversity Series 10

In 1993 and 1995 the World Conservation Monitoring Centre surveyed over 600 protected area agencies throughout the world to obtain data on their budgets and staffing levels. Budget data was provided by 108 countries with 3.7 million km2 under protection (28% of global protected areas), and staffing data was provided by 78 countries with 3.0 million km2 under protection (23% of global protected areas).

Protected area budgets and staffing levels are positively correlated with economic development (per capita income) and population density. Budgets (per km2) and staffing (per 1000 km2) are negatively correlated to mean protected area size and country's biological richness. Priority countries for financial assistance, identified based on low budget inputs and high biological richness, are clustered in the Congo river basin of Africa, the Indo-China peninsula, and Meso-America.