Mangroves of East Africa

Author: Taylor, M., Ravilious, C., Green, E.P.
Date Published: January 2003
ISBN: 1-899628-21-1

Biodiversity Series 13

This publication provides a concise account of the available information and current issues facing mangroves in East African countries. It comprises a regional summary of the factors and activities that affect mangroves across East Africa, and a series of reports that focus on South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, the Seychelles, Kenya and Somalia. These country summaries include details of mangrove-related legislation, industries associated with and involving mangroves, and details of how mangroves are utilized by local human communities. Information on marine protected areas that cover mangroves is also provided as are regional and national scale maps.

The project was carried out with the UNEP-GPA and sponsored by the Government of Ireland.