Seamounts, deep-sea corals and fisheries: vulnerability of deep-sea corals to fishing on seamounts beyond areas of national jurisdiction

Author: Clark, M.R., Tittensor, D., Rogers, A.D., Brewin, P., Schlacher, T., Rowden, A., Stocks, K., Consalvey, M.
Date Published: January 2006
ISBN: 978-92-807-2778-4

Biodiversity Series 25

Seamounts, deep-sea corals and fisheries aims to raise the awareness of managers, decision makers and stakeholders about the distribution of deep-sea corals on seamounts and their vulnerability to trawling. It provides facts and information to support and guide the international processes within and outside the United Nations system to find solutions for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of seamount ecosystems – before it is too late.