Capturing the Many Dimensions of Threat: Comment on Salafsky et al.

Author: Balmford, A., Carey, P., Kapos, V., Manica, A., Rodrigues, A.S.L., Sharlemann, J.P.W., & Green, R.E.
Date Published: January 2009

Conservation Biology 23 (2)

The causes of biodiversity loss are complex, so it is easy for the ways conservationists classify them to be misinterpreted. We therefore congratulate Salafsky and colleagues (2008) for their pioneering lexicon, intended to steer us through the morass of overlapping nomenclatures, terminologies, and typologies that our community uses to describe the threats biodiversity faces and the actions we carry out to address them. We have designed classification schemes that parallel their proposed global systems as part of a project in which over 30 conservation organizations and university research groups belonging to the Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF) developed standardized tools for measuring the success of conservation interventions (Kapos et al. 2008, 2009). Although interactions between the two projects resulted in our schemes for classifying conservation actions converging, we disagree with the International Union for Conservation of Nature–Conservation Measures Partnership (IUCN–CMP) scheme for classifying threats.