Environment on the Edge 2004 - 2005

Author: Tickell, C., Lubchenco, J. Samper, C., Bulkin, B.
Date Published: January 2005
Environment on the Edge 2004 - 2005

This publication presents five of the lectures from the 2004-5 'Environment on the Edge' lecture series. It includes the following themes:

•The Day After Tomorrow - Sir Crispin Tickell
•Oceans on the Edge - Dr. Jane Lubchenco
•Antartica on the Edge? - Professor Chris Rapley
•Biodiversity on the Edge - Dr. Cristián Samper
•Transport on the Edge - Dr. Bernard Bulkin

This lecture series is the result of a collaboration between New Hall and St. Edmund's College, Cambridge University, the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre and the British Antartic Survey. The lectures and this publication are sponsored by BP.