Reply to Jenkins and Joppa – Expansion of the global terrestrial protected area system

Author: Coad, L., Burgess, N.D., Loucks, C., Fish, L., Scharlemann, J.P.W., Duarte, L., Besancon, C.
Date Published: January 2010

Biological Conservation 143 (1)

Two recent analyses have measured protected area coverage for each of the world’s realms, biomes and ecoregions - UNEP-WCMC, 2008 and Jenkins and Joppa, 2009 Expansion of the global terrestrial protected area system, Biological Conservation 142 (2009), pp. 2166–2174, using the WWF Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World.
However, data handling procedures differ between these analyses, resulting in differences in the protection statistics reported. Here we outline differences in the use of datasets, present alternative analyses of the protected area coverage of WWF realms, biomes and ecoregions for 2009, and compare the two estimates of protected area coverage.