Future scenarios for tropical montane and south temperate forest biodiversity in Latin America

Author: Miles, L., Newton, A.C., Alvarez-Aquino, C., Armesto, J.J., del Castillo, R.F., Cayuela, L., Echeverría, C., Gonzalez-Espinosa, M., Lara, A., Lopez, R.A., Lopez-Barrera, F., Manson, R., Montoya, G., Muñiz, M.A., Nuñez, M., Pedraza, R.A., Rey-Benayas, J.M., Rovere, A., Rüger, N., Smith, C., Souto, C. & Williams-Linera, G.
Date Published: January 2007
ISBN: 855385898

Chapter from Biodiversity Loss & Conservation in Fragmented Forest Landscapes. The Forests of Montane Mexico and South America.