Global Study of Protected Areas Management Effectiveness: the Brazilian perspective

Author: Pavese, H.B., Leverington, F., Hockings, M.
Date Published: January 2007

Natureza & Conservacao 5

The expansion of Protected Areas systems is urgently needed to ensure that further biodiversity losses do not occur. The need to evaluate the effectiveness of protected area management has become well recognized over the past ten years, as we have seen that declaration of protected areas does not always result in their adequate protection. Assessments have been carried out for different purposes, differing in methodology, geographic and topical scope. In order to assist in the harmonization and application of different systems through the WCPA Framework, the IUCN-WCPA is carrying out a global review of management effectiveness assessments.

This study has located assessments of over 4600 protected areas, in 84 countries more than 40 different evaluation methodologies. In Brazil, a total of 273 protected areas were assessed in 10 different studies, which identified a wide range of common threats. Strengthening the management of existing protected areas and, creating an array of new protected areas are essential for conserving biodiversity. Implementing regular management effectiveness evaluation studies, and using their results to improve will be a critical part of this strengthening in Brazil and across the globe.