Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN) / Protected Areas Thematic Network (PATN)


Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN)

The Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN) was created in 1996 as an initiative of the Santa Cruz Summit of the Americas meeting of the Heads of State. It is a forum where technical collaboration and coordination among countries of the Americas is developed to enable effective collection, sharing, and use of biodiversity information relevant to decision-making on natural resources management and conservation, and education to promote sustainable development in the region. IABIN is envisioned as a distributed system in which the countries and diverse governmental and civil society organizations play a key role in the development and maintenance of the information content of the network.

IABIN has the following five Thematic Networks (TNs):

  • Specimen and Species Thematic Network
  • Ecosystems Thematic Network
  • Invasive Species Thematic Network
  • Pollinators Thematic Network
  • Protected Areas Thematic Network

Protected Areas Thematic Network (PATN)

The objective of the Protected Areas Thematic Network (PATN) is to promote more effective sharing of information on protected areas within and between the countries of the Americas, building on and contributing to existing global experience in this area through close collaboration with IUCN-WCPA and UNEP-WCMC. A Consortium board formed by several conservation organizations, including UNEP-WCMC, coordinates the PATN and The Fundação O Boticario, a Brazilian NGO, has been the coordination institution of this consortium board.

Among the main activities that PATN performs are:

  • Data surveying, data digitization, developing data standards and promoting data sharing about protected areas;
  • Promoting the accessibility and improvement of effectiveness management assessment tools and methodologies, in order to share best practice and the lessons learned.


UNEP-WCMC has been actively working together with the other members of the PATN consortium board on the development of the protected areas network. The UNEP-WCMC project with IABIN identifies sources of protected area databases within the six IABIN sub regions and the data types, standards and management systems employed. The aim is that this collated information will help build the foundations of the Protected Area Thematic Network (PATN) as well as providing up-to-date contact information for the WDPA. The project also presents the opportunity to develop capacity building within the region.

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