Our Precious Coasts - Marine Pollution, Climate Change and the Resilience of Coastal Ecosystems

Author: Nellemann, C., Corcoran, E. (Eds).
Date Published: January 2006
ISBN: 82-7701-041-9
Our Precious Coasts

UNEP Rapid Response Assessment

The ability of coral reefs to survive in a globally-warming world may crucially depend on the levels of pollution to which they are exposed, new findings indicate.

Scientists studying reefs that were bleached in the late 1990s by high surface sea temperatures have found a link between recovery rates and the levels of contamination entering coastal waters from developments on the land.

Our Precious Coasts was prepared by a Rapid Response Team at UNEP GRID Arendal and UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre as a broad collaborative effort across various UNEP programmes and activities with contributors from regional UNEP Offices, GRID Sioux Falls, GPA, Nature Seychelles, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research and, University of Life Sciences in Norway.