Road map for incoporating biodiversity and ecosystem service values into NBSAPs

Author: UNEP-WCMC and IEEP

This road map has been produced to support NBSAP practitioners to produce updated NBSAPs which are compliant with Aichi Biodiversity Targets 1 and 2 through the incorporation of biodiversity and ecosystem service values.

This road map has been produced in conjunction with a guidance document.  The Guidance Document provides more detailed information on experiences and lessons learned, as well as further technical information on process and approaches. The Guidance document is available online.

This guidance and the accompanying road map have been produced as an output of a joint UNEP-WCMC and IEEP project, funded by Defra, and in collaboration with the CBD Secretariat to examine the ‘Lessons learnt from incorporating biodiversity and ecosystem service values into NBSAPs’