Status of the Baikal Teal in the Lower Indigirka Basin, Siberia

Author: Zöckler, C. & Syroechkovski, E. E.
Date Published: January 2001

Threatened Waterfowl Specialist Group Newsletter 13 (2001)

Small local hunting communities in Siberia are very distant from any governmental control. Hunted waterbird species, including globally and regionally threatened species, rely for their well-being on the self regulation of remote hunting communities. Interviewed hunters showed a profound knowledge of Baikal Teal, its population status, and the causes of their past decline. Whether the knowledge is shared by other communities in the region and beyond in Northern Siberia needs verification.
Empowered local communities seem to be able to effectively regulate hunting activities, as observed in the Abij region. Further expeditions to the Baikal Teal's breeding grounds should aim to investigate the duck's status and the level of local knowledge of the species in other communities.