UN-REDD Workshop Identifying and Promoting the Ecosystem Co-Benefits from REDD+

Author: Various (see specific presentations)
Date Published: May 2010

A UN-REDD workshop on ‘Identifying and promoting ecosystem co-benefits from REDD+’ was held from 27th-29th April 2010 in Cambridge, UK, convened by UNEP-WCMC. Forty-four people participated in the workshop, including representatives from five UN-REDD pilot countries, one observer country, and a number of different institutions, agencies and NGOs.

The workshop provided an opportunity for discussion around the ecosystem and social aspects of REDD+. The key objectives were to:

1. Present draft analyses, tools and guidance for addressing ecosystem co-benefits from REDD+ to pilot countries and other stakeholders; and to receive feedback before these products are finalised.

2. Discuss the social, institutional and economic aspects of ecosystem co-benefits.

3. Consider the integration of ecosystem co-benefits into national REDD+ strategies.

4. Arrive at a set of findings, recommendations, and priority actions for how the UN-REDD Programme tackles ecosystem co-benefits (at national and global levels).

5. Foster a ‘community of practice’ on ecosystem co-benefits amongst interested stakeholders.

The workshop resulted in a set of recommendations to the UN-REDD Programme for future work on the co-benefits of REDD+.