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UNEP-WCMC does not assert any intellectual property rights in the data made available to it by data providers. 

Access to UNEP-WCMC datasets is provided on the understanding that you read and consent to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out in the policies below.

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Murielle Misrachi

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Voluntary REDD+ Database (VRD)

The Voluntary REDD+ Database (VRD) on financing, actions and results was formally launched at the Ministerial Meeting of the REDD+ Partnership in October 2010.

The online, publicly accessible Database stores information on REDD+ financing voluntarily submitted by Partner countries and stakeholder institutions. In doing so, it aims to improve transparency around REDD+ and support efforts to identify and analyse gaps and overlaps in REDD+ financing. The VRD is one of the main ongoing activities of the REDD+ Partnership, and a key provider of information to the global community on REDD+ financing. Visitors to the site can view summary graphs, statistics and maps on REDD+ financing, as well as search more detailed information on individual REDD+ financing agreements between countries and/or institutions.

UNEP-WCMC, together with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), is responsible for the development and maintenance of the VRD, on behalf of the UN-REDD Programme Team and the Facility Management Team of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, under the guidance of the Partnership co-Chairs and Partners. Key activities for the VRD Team in 2012 have included the development and launch of a new online REDD+ financing questionnaire, development of a new interactive database interface, and ongoing improvement in the quality and comprehensiveness of existing data in the Database.