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UNEP-WCMC publications - 2018

Here you can find all the publications from 2018 and 2019, covering reports and scientific articles.

  1. Ashagre, B., Platts, P., Njana, M., Burgess, N., Balmford, A., Turner, R. and Schaafsma, M. (2018). Integrated modelling for economic valuation of the role of forests and woodlands in drinking water provision to two African cities. Ecosystem Services, 32, pp.50-61.
  2. BID-REX. 2019. Better data, better decisions: increasing the impact of biodiversity information. Technical report of phast 1 of the project BID-REX - from biodiveristy data to decisions: enhancing natural value through improved regional development policies. Interreg Europe
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  8. Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Fauna & Flora International, University of East Anglia, & UNEP-WCMC (2017) The pollination deficit: Towards supply chain resilience in the face of pollinator decline. Cambridge (UK): UNEP-WCMC
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