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Alexandra Garcia

Programme Administrator | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Alexandra is the Programme Administrator for the National Ecosystem Assessments Initiative. She provides administrative and organizational support to the team and project partners. This involves supporting the project leader in the preparation and follow up of administrative and contractual documents, project-related financial reporting and project management plans. She also supports the organization and delivery of meetings, workshops and conferences.

Previous experience & expertise

Alexandra has been working in international roles over the last 12 years. She has an MBA from Coventry University and extensive experience in business development across different markets, including Latin America, China and Europe. She also has experience working with businesses to implement sustainable practices, products and services and meeting growing stakeholder demands for solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Recent work by Alexandra Garcia

National Ecosystem Assessments Initiative | Programme Administrator

The aim of this initiative is to build capacities at the national level to undertake national ecosystem assessments and to support the uptake of the assessments into decision making.