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Aly Pavitt

Programme Officer | Species

Aly’s work in the Species programme supports international, species-focussed Conventions and Agreements, including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations. She is involved in compilation and management of species distribution data within Species+, and the analysis of CITES trade data. Aly is responsible for developing automated systems for the analysis and assessment of the large-scale wildlife trade data managed by the programme.

Previous experience & expertise

Aly’s background is in scientific research, with a particular focus on wild animal ecology and conservation science. She has worked extensively in the complex statistical analysis of wildlife data, and previously worked as a researcher in the field of wild deer population demography. She has a PhD in population ecology from the University of Edinburgh, where she worked on the Isle of Rum red deer project. She also holds an MSc in conservation science from Imperial College London, where she collaborated with CEH to analyse distribution change in British dragonflies. Aly has been heavily involved in science and wildlife education, both through teaching and through the organisation of outreach events such as conferences and workshops.

Recent work by Aly Pavitt

EU Wildlife Trade assessment |

Aly is involved in producing species assessments and trade analyses through the synthesis of biological and conservation literature and the analysis of international trade data for CITES-listed species. She also supports the maintenance of up-to-date information in Species+ through quality checking and primary research.

CITES support |

Aly supports CITES through the processing and quality checking of annual trade reports. She is also involved in the analysis and dissemination of CITES trade data, and the automation of trade data processing.