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Anca Damerell

Research and Project Coordinator (Luc Hoffman Institute) | Science

Anca is a research and project coordinator for the Luc Hoffmann Institute working in collaboration with UNEP-WCMC. Her role is focused on the synthesis and analysis of emerging research areas and targeted topics. Other roles include providing coordination support to ensure consistency in key areas of project management, monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Previous experience & expertise

Anca recently completed her PhD in Geography at the University of Cambridge. Her interdisciplinary research comprised of advanced modelling simulations focused on bridging natural and social sciences to better understand the socioeconomic and environmental effects of land use policies in Western Ghats, India. Anca has held various science, policy and practice roles — working for organisations ranging from small local NGOs to international institutions such as Fauna and Flora International and the European Parliament.

Her ongoing research interests include the interactions between science, policy and practice; complex systems and systems thinking with a focus on human decision-making modelling; stakeholders’ role-playing games and agent-based modelling.

In her spare time, Anca is part of an international team that established and continues to run an environmental NGO in Romania centred on the conservation of old-growth forests.

Prior to her PhD, Anca obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies, Romania and Université d’Artois, France, and a Master’s in Environmental Protection from the University of Edinburgh.

Recent work by Anca Damerell

The search for a multidimensional index of biodiversity |

Anca provides advice and support in establishment of partnership, research processes, as well as project management support to deliver and interdisciplinary, outcome focused research agenda and set of outputs to advance the development of new tools for conservation decision making and policy.