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Andrea C. Baquero

Programme Officer | Science

Andrea supports a large range of projects, mainly related to analysing data and reporting on biodiversity, ecosystem services, and land use change. Her responsibilities include GIS mapping and spatial analysis, writing and editing to contribute towards project outputs and reports. Andrea also supports projects in other programmes, using her multilingual and inter-disciplinary analysis skills.

Previous experience & expertise

Prior to joining the Centre, Andrea worked on a UK-Colombia collaborative project aiming to strengthen Science, Technology and Innovation projects in Colombia. She led assessments and reports for governmental and scientific boards on biodiversity policy, management and sustainability within ST&I projects. Her previous research experience focused on community and evolutionary ecology with field projects in diverse sites in Central and South America, the Caribbean and western and southern Africa. Andrea obtained her MSc in Biology specializing in ecology and evolution from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and her BSc in Biology from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.

Recent work by Andrea C. Baquero

Mapping and Assessing Global Threats to Biodiversity |

Andrea is working on various biodiversity threat mapping projects. The projects aim to review how changes in the intensity of threats to biodiversity can be assessed and tracked for developing a Red List – based indicator to advise the private sector on biodiversity return on investment.

Andrea is also responsible for assisting in the systematic review of global datasets and mapping spatial patterns of threats to biodiversity across priority places. The threat mapping programme of work will inform other organizations and private sector partners on the spatiotemporal distribution of pressures and threatening processes and will work towards an integrated threat index to better assess species risk of extinction