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Aude Caromel

Programme Officer | Species

Aude’s work in the Species programme supports the implementation of species-related conventions and agreements, including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the European Union (EU) Wildlife Trade Regulations and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) family of agreements. This includes being responsible for the maintenance of Species+, providing scientific support for policymakers, and contributing to the production of technical reports.

Previous experience & expertise

Aude gained her PhD from the University of Bristol, focusing on the evolution of a group of marine plankton from developmental and functional perspectives. Since then, she has been working in Natural Science collections at various institutions around the country, curating collections across disciplines and engaging the public with different aspects of the earth and life sciences through outreach events and designing exhibits. More recently, she was working in the European Protected Species licensing team at Natural England. Aude holds an MSc in Palaeobiology and a BSc in Geology and Biology, both from the University of Bristol.

Recent work by Aude Caromel

Species+ | Database manager

Aude manages the curation of the information in the Species+ database, which aims to provide CITES and CMS Parties with the data they need to effectively implement these international agreements.

Improving the sustainability of wildlife trade |

Aude contributes to the production of trade analyses and status assessments for species subject to international trade listing under the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations. These reviews assist EU Member States with decisions relating to the sustainability of trade.

CITES | Support

Aude supports CITES in the analysis and dissemination of CITES trade data, and the automation of analytical processes supporting the Review of Significant Trade.