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Carolina Soto-Navarro

Post-Doctoral Scientist | Science

Carolina's main role in UNEP-WCMC is to analyse how to combine biodiversity data within a single index of biological value and change, building on experience of multidimensional indices such as the multidimensional poverty index and to help support a review of spatial prioritisation approaches related to setting area based conservation targets.

Previous experience & expertise

As a Conservation Biologist, Carolina possesses over 10 years’ experience in designing and implementing research and conservation projects. Her previous work focused on understanding patterns in the spatial distribution of threatened species, as well as the underlying causes of these patterns.

She is broadly interested in biodiversity monitoring, how to use technology effectively to examine how species and ecosystems are faring over time and researching how evidence is used in conservation practice.

Before joining Luc Hoffman Institute/ UNEP-WCMC, Carolina worked as project manager in eco-tourism, co-founded her own visual media production company and worked as a Conservation and Capacity Building Specialist at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in partnership with United for Wildlife and National Geographic Society.