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Claire Brown

Principal Technical Specialist | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Claire has worked with UNEP-WCMC since 2004 and overseas a portfolio of projects on ecosystem services and assessment, most notably the Sub-global Assessment Network, the UK National Ecosystem Assessment and its follow on, the development of ecosystem service indicators and tools for measuring and monitoring ecosystem services. Claire also supports the IPBES Secretariat on assessment issues and is coordinating the IPBES Guide for Assessments. Claire is also a member of the Steering Group for Action 5 of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2011-2020.

Previous experience & expertise

Claire Brown, BSc (Hons), BA, PhD is an Australian national, has an extensive background in ecology, policy and law. Claire’s interest in the science and policy interface began with her PhD which focuses on the interaction of science and law and the implementation of conservation values. Claire was then employed by the Government of the Australian Capital Territory as a Policy Officer and over saw the development of new policy and revision of a number of pieces of legislation. Claire also worked for the Australian Network for Plant Conservation (2001-2004), holding a number of positions.

Recent work by Claire Brown

Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications (OPERAs) | Coordinating Work Package 5 – Resource Hub and UNEP-WCMC’s input into the project

The ecosystem services and natural capital concepts have been adopted in high-level policy frameworks, however, there is a wide gap between the wealth of ecosystem science and the practical application of this knowledge in policy and decision-making practice. The OPERAs project will explore whether, how and under what conditions these concepts can move beyond the academic domain towards practical implementation in support of sustainable ecosystem management.

Sub-global Assessment Network | Coordinator

The Sub-Global Assessment (SGA) Network seeks to create a common platform for practitioners (individuals and organizations) involved in ecosystem assessment at regional, sub-regional, national and sub-national levels. The intention is to promote and facilitate improved capacity in undertaking and using assessments. Achievements of the SGA Network will support relevant global processes such as the Intergovernmental Science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and the Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

IPBES Guide for assessments | Coordinator of the Technical Support Unit

The Guide for assessments aimed to assist those undertaking assessments under the banner of IPBES. The guide is to help in ensuring consistency of assessments at different scales and provide the foundation for the high standard expected of IPBES assessments.