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Corinna Ravilious

Senior GIS Officer | Climate Change and Biodiversity

Corinna works alongside colleagues to provide technical support to in-country partners both remotely and through in-country working sessions. She develops tools and training materials to assist countries in using spatial information to support decisions on planning for REDD+. Thesefocus on mapping biodiversity and ecosystem services with an aim to explore multiple benefits and integrate biodiversity and ecosystem services and their impact on people into decision making. Her 25 years of experience is in both ESRI and open source alternatives such as QGIS. Corinna has strong cartographic skills, and helps maintain the Centre’s cartographic standards and ensure high quality outputs. She is also a member of the Centre’s Data Management Working Group.

Previous experience & expertise

Corinna joined the Centre in 1991 as a digitizing assistant and is now a senior GIS expert, having worked in various roles within the Centre supporting the Centre’s scientific programmes in developing analyses, output maps and products utilising Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Whilst at UNEP-WCMC Corinna has obtained an Honours degree in Natural Sciences with the Open University.

Recent work by Corinna Ravilious

UN-REDD Programme support to the development of Provincial REDD+ Action plans (PRAPs) in Viet Nam |

Corinna has jointly led a number of in-country working sessions which have provided technical support to four co-implementing partners (CIPS) and the UN-REDD Viet Nam Phase II Programme more broadly. The working sessions focused on the use of spatial analysis to inform the development of Provincial REDD+ Action Plans (PRAPs) for 4 pilot provinces Bac Kan, Binh Thuan, Ca Mau, Ha Tinh and Lao Cai and helped to build the capacity of CIPs to take forward the spatial analysis work required for delivery of PRAP workshops and analysis required for mapping potential zones for REDD+ intervention packages.

UN-REDD Programme Support to Tanzania in the development of multiple-benefits maps to inform safeguards policies | Lead GIS Officer

Corinna worked closely alongside the project leader to develop and provide training to colleagues in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Tanzanian Forest Service. She used cutting edge open-source technology to develop maps and spatial analysis to tackle sensitive policy questions related to carbon, biodiversity and ecosystem services.