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Elizabeth Green

Post-Doctoral Scientist | Science

Lizzy is a post-doctoral scientist in the Science and Climate Change & Biodiversity programmes. She is working on a project funded by WWF-UK aimed at enhancing the coverage of forest species within the Living Planet Index and investigating the relationship between trends in forest species and changes in forest cover.

Previous experience & expertise

Before joining UNEP-WCMC, Lizzy worked as a researcher at the RSPB, carrying out an evidence review of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and research into climatic impacts on seabird diet. She studied her PhD in the Conservation Science Group at the University of Cambridge, investigating the effects of climate and the distribution of suitable habitat on populations of two European warbler species and projecting their likely future distributions in Britain under climate change. Prior to her PhD, she worked as a PhD research assistant and obtained a BSc from Cardiff University in Zoology.

Recent work by Elizabeth Green

Global trends in forest vertebrates |

Lizzy’s role is to enhance the coverage of forest species in the Living Planet database, assess trends in forest species abundance, analyse the relationship between these population trends and changes in forest cover and examine the implications of trends in forest species on forest health and carbon storage.