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Emma Martin

Programme Officer | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Emma leads projects and technical components related to national ecosystem assessments. She is the capacity-building focal point, supporting 12 countries to undertake their national ecosystem assessment. This role includes leading on the development of high-quality guidance, coordinating training, and ensuring the needs of country partners are met.

Previous experience & expertise

Emma joined the Centre in 2017 working as an intern and then as a consultant for the Science team at UNEP-WCMC. In these roles, she worked on enhancing coverage of forest species in the Living Planet Index, mapping and modeling anthropogenic impacts on mangrove ecosystems, and writing ecoregion descriptions for the Afrotropic realm. She has a first-class degree in Environmental Science (with a year in industry) from the University of Leeds.

Recent work by Emma Martin

National Ecosystem Assessments Initiative |

The aim of this initiative is to build capacities at the national level to undertake national ecosystem assessments and support the uptake of the assessments into decision making.

Trade and biodiversity |

Emma is the technical lead from UNEP-WCMC on a project to develop a methodology to assess the impact of trade liberalisation on biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services.

IPBES technical support unit on policy support tools and methodologies |

Emma is part of the IPBES technical support unit on policy support tools and methodologies.