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Emma Scott

Associate Programme Officer | Science

Emma supports a range of projects in the Science Programme and across the centre more widely, mainly relating to data analysis and communications. Her responsibilities include GIS mapping, document writing and editing, and data analysis.

Previous experience & expertise

Prior to joining the centre, Emma carried out research with Fauna & Flora International, focused on improving the integration of biodiversity conservation efforts within palm oil businesses. Emma holds a master’s degree in Conservation Science from Imperial College London. Before undertaking her master’s degree Emma completed an internship within the Science Programme at WCMC, building a plant functional trait database for the Remote Sensing for Essential Biodiversity Variables project. Emma also has a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Southampton.

Recent work by Emma Scott

Lake Victoria Scenarios and Training |

UNEP-WCMC is working to engage stakeholders in using future scenarios to analyse potential impacts of agricultural development in the Lake Victoria Basin. Focusing specifically on the impacts on ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. Emma has supported the production of project outputs using both spatial and statistical data analysis and presentation skills.

GlobDiversity |

GlobDiversity is a project designed to develop and engineer Remotely Sensed Essential Biodiversity Variables. Emma co-ordinates the production of communications outputs for the GlobDiversity project, in order to promote the use of satellite-derived observations to inform biodiversity related policies.