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Ferdinando Primerano

Senior Web Developer | Informatics

As a web developer, Ferdinando maintains existing tools and develops new solutions for the projects delivered by the informatics programme. He is able to achieve these targets through his problem solving skills and his ability to adapt himself to new environments thanks to his robust analytical capacities.

Previous experience & expertise

Ferdinando has a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Calabria in Italy. During his studies he worked for the Centre of Neurological Imaging (CNI) Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard Medical School, Greater Boston Area, USA) and for the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Lyon, France) developing web applications for the analysis and the annotation of cerebral lesions on MRI images, focusing on the genetic aspect of white matter diseases.

Recent work by Ferdinando Primerano

Species+ |

Species+ provides a centralized portal for accessing key information on species of global concern. Ferdinando joined the team in October 2014 and he works closely to the Species Programme. He contributes to improve some of the existing components inside the project like the nomenclature change system.