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Hashim Zaman

Programme Officer | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Hashim’s role at the centre focuses around mainstreaming natural capital accounting and ecosystem services into national biodiversity strategies and decision-making. This involves advancing UNEP-WCMC’s environmental economics and ecosystem accounting related work embedded in scientific, ecological, and statistically sound evidence. He is skilled in conducting national ecosystem assessments at both local and national level underpinning the need for integrating ecosystem services into national policies and reflecting the true value of nature in human wellbeing and sustainable development.

Previous experience & expertise

Hashim Zaman is an environmental economist having a keen interest in natural capital accounting, carbon markets and resource management. Having graduated from Wageningen University in Netherlands, and worked for United Nations Development Programme, IUCN, and WWF, he continues to build his expertise in Climate Change adaptation and mitigation. In his master's thesis, Hashim conducted an economic valuation of the biodiversity of Central Karakoram National Park in Pakistan. Apart from work, he devotes his time to filmmaking, music production and climbing the jagged peaks of the Karakorams.


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