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Holly Griffin

Associate Programme Officer | Conserving Land and Seascapes

Holly supports the uptake of marine social science, including Ocean Literacy and Citizen Behaviour Change, at UNEP-WCMC. She is involved in the technical delivery of analysis of the applications of area-based management approaches to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. She also contributes to the development of proposals with a social science component.

Previous experience & expertise

Holly’s previous work focuses on understanding variations, trends and gaps in public knowledge of marine conservation. She is involved in ongoing research concerning public perceptions of the sea and its applications to marine conservation, co-authoring a paper on the topic.

She has provided social science input to interdisciplinary teams, and worked with an international gaming company to develop smartphone games with conservation messages. Holly’s experience raising the profile of ocean literacy and marine stewardship, and her knowledge concerning pro-environmental behaviour change, support her in her role.

Recent work by Holly Griffin

Ocean Literacy |

As a marine social scientist, Holly focuses on integrating Ocean Literacy and Citizen Behaviour Change strategies into the Healthy Ocean Strategy at UNEP-WCMC. She has compiled guidance to support effective conservation marketing, and is working to increase the use of social data in marine conservation and environmental management. Holly is developing partnerships with organisations nationally and internationally, and is driving forward the social science components of upcoming projects across UNEP-WCMC.

Global Coral Reef Partnership: Citizen Behaviour Change |

Holly contributed towards a behaviour change briefing note, funded by UN Environment and produced by UNEP-WCMC, The Reef-World Foundation and Pierre-Yves Cousteau. Input was sought from an expert working group comprised of coral reef scientists, dive industry representatives, social marketing professionals and government representatives. This document offers a concise guide to interventions that effectively harness citizen behaviour to support the conservation and sustainable use of coral reefs. It provides recommendations for the development and implementation of global coral reef communication campaigns, including campaigns developed by UN Environment.

Integrated Management and Governance Strategies for Delivery of Ocean-related Sustainable Development Goals |

Holly has led on the development of conceptual guidelines for the application of Marine Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management approaches to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal Targets 14.1 and 14.2. She is a key member of the same project team exploring the contributions of marine and coastal area-based management approaches to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. This work has culminated in a Technical Report, detailing analysis of how twelve different approaches, illustrated using twenty-five case studies, support the implementation of different marine and coastal policies. She has also been involved in developing an accompanying Summary for Policymakers.