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James Watson

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Area of collaboration with UNEP-WCMC


Dr. James Watson and UNEP-WCMC are collaborating on a range of subjects including: threat mapping and cumulative impact assessment and how best to integrate measures of high ecological integrity into conservation assessment and on-ground action.

Previous experience & expertise

Dr. James Watson is a Professor at University of Queensland where he is Director of the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science.  He also leads the Green Fire Science research group ( whose mission is to do applied research that is linked directly to the practice of conservation. He is Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Science and Research Initiative.

James’ has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers on a variety of subjects, ranging from assessing the impacts of climate change on species to mapping the effectiveness of protected areas on biodiversity conservation outcomes globally. He currently serves on the International Panel for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Data and Knowledge Task Force, and was a founding chair of the International Union for Nature Conservation Climate Change Specialist Group. James has also just finished up his term as global president of the Society for Conservation Biology. He is a keen birder and has a number of students working on the fundamental science needed to conserve some of the rarest birds in the world.