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Javier Fajardo

Programme Officer | Science

Javier contributes with modelling, data and spatial analyses to support a range of conservation projects in the centre. These projects involve analyses of the state of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the context of global change, as well as the exploration of alternative scenarios and pathways that may provide more sustainable futures.

Javier will be contributing to the modelling and scenarios work in the Centre. For the NatureMap project, Javier is producing models of the Biodiversity Intactness Index using inputs from a novel forest integrity map. Within the Trade Hub project Javier will use scenario outputs to explore plausible future impacts to global biodiversity and ecosystem services. Javier will be exploring novel outputs for the Madingley Model and its utilisation for quantifying global planetary boundaries.

Previous experience & expertise

Javier’s previous work has focused on biodiversity modelling and systematic conservation planning. As part of his PhD research, Javier has explored conservation solutions for species representation in the tropical Andes, the western Amazon, and the global tropics. These studies explored the role of connectivity and conservation costs in prioritization, as well as the influence of climate change and deforestation on the available conservation opportunities and protected area effectiveness. Javier has also help developing tools aimed at improving the use of climate models in ecology and conservation.