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Joe Gosling

Associate Programme Officer | Science

Joe undertakes technical work on a variety of projects across the Centre with a focus on spatial analysis. He also uses his GIS and technical knowledge to assist with capacity building training workshops in a range of countries.

Previous experience & expertise

Prior to joining the Centre, Joe was working as an ecological consultant undertaking protected species surveys and habitat mapping. He graduated from the University of Exeter with an MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity, with a thesis researching sexual selection and reproductive isolation in field crickets. Joe also has a BSc in Wildlife Conservation.

Recent work by Joe Gosling

Protected Planet Report 2018 | Spatial analysis

Joe undertook spatial analysis and produced maps for several chapters of the report. For example, he carried out the analysis of how well Protected Areas include areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Oil for Development | Spatial analysis, remote sensing and capacity building

Joe provides technical support for the Norwegian Oil for Development (OfD) Programme, undertaking spatial analysis, remote sensing and capacity building for OfD countries. In particular, Myanmar and Ghana.

Threat Mapping |

Joe has undertaken work on mapping threats to biodiversity for several projects and has become one of the go to people for threat mapping in the Centre. He has compiled lists of data for global biodiversity threats and written a technical briefing note on threat mapping for Proteus Partners, as well as carrying out analysis and producing maps.