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Jörn Scharlemann

Fellow | Fellows

Areas of collaboration with UNEP-WCMC

Jörn Scharlemann's areas of collaboration with UNEP-WCMC include: PREDICTS project, The Madingley Model, OFFTAKE project and The Role of human-environment interactions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Previous experience & expertise

Jörn is an ecologist who specialises in quantitatively assessing the impacts of environmental changes on biodiversity and ecosystem services to identify policy relevant strategies for sustainable life on Earth. He is currently working on quantifying the exploitation of terrestrial wild species globally (OFFTAKE project). Before joining the University of Sussex, he was the Senior Scientist at UNEP-WCMC, leading a team that developed multi-dimensional trade-off analysis tools, mapped carbon storage at global scales in relation to biodiversity to guide REDD+ policy, and co-developed a terrestrial biodiversity model (PREDICTS) and the first global ecosystem model (the Madingley Model).