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John Tayleur

Deputy Head of Programme | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

John leads a portfolio of work around biodiversity enabling activities and reciprocal mainstreaming of biodiversity and development. Much of this work is framed around countries’ obligations the Convention on Biological Diversity, and particularly their national strategies and reports. Supporting environmental Ministries and Agencies to reach out to non-environmental stakeholders, the portfolio aims to integrate biodiversity priorities across Government and society. This is achieved through better understand of stakeholder, entry points, communication tools and building appropriate and targeted evidence products. John also works with the Head of Programme to ensure the Team is as happy and effective as possible.

Previous experience & expertise

Before joining WCMC John worked at Defra managing a portfolio of research programmes in support of Animal Health and Welfare policy. This involved prioritization and maintenance of national research capabilities and coordination of research at the European and global levels. Previously he worked at the British Trust for Ornithology where he managed research and resources, and was instrumental in developing the Trust’s Strategy. John has spent three years working for the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation on field-based conservation projects and has an MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation for which he studied introduced predator impact on an endemic New Zealand frog.

Recent work by John Tayleur

Connect | Global Coordinator

John is global coordinator of the GEF-funded Connect project “Mainstreaming Biodiversity Information into the Heart of Government Decision-Making”. This project aims to deliver lessons for the global community by working with Ghana, Mozambique and Uganda as demonstration countries. The approach is to understand the demand for biodiversity information amongst decision-makers, the supply of that information, and to sustain a relationship between the two communities through co-development of an information product that will be used in perpetuity.

Mapping biodiversity priorities | Project Leader

With donor-support from the Japan Biodiversity Fund, John coordinates a project to pilot a mapping biodiversity priorities approach that was described in 2015 guidance[JT1] . Working with Botswana, Ethiopia and Malawi, the project aims to synthesise nationally available data to derive information layers on ecosystem type, ecological condition, protected areas and biodiversity targets for ecological types. The resulting National Biodiversity Assessments will be used to engage with non-environmental sectors to ensure biodiversity priorities are recognised.