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Julie Dimitrijevic

Programme Officer | Business and Biodiversity

Julie utilises her skills as a technical biologist and science communicator to support a variety of projects within the Metrics and Tools focal initiative as part of the Nature Economy team. Julie specialises in corporate biodiversity measurement, and natural capital assessment by creating fit-for-purpose tools for businesses and financial institutions.  Utilising her project management expertise, Julie is involved in multi-partner EU-funded projects focused on increasing business’ understanding and accessibility on measuring their impact and dependencies on biodiversity. 

Previous experience & expertise

Julie is a biologist with research and field skills in assessing biodiversity and site-level impacts. In 2018, Julie graduated from Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) with a thesis-based MSc in Biology after exploring the use of blue mussels as an indicator of microplastic pollution. Prior to her MSc, Julie worked as an environmental consultant where she assessed marine and terrestrial habitats at risk from proposed development projects. Julie worked on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs) projects across Canada and utilises this private-sector experience in her role as a biodiversity measurement specialist within the Nature Economy team.

Recent work by Julie Dimitrijevic

Aligning Accounting Approaches for Nature (Align) Project | Project & Biodiversity Measurement Lead

The Align project is focused on developing recommendations for a standard on corporate biodiversity measurement and valuation for the European Commission. The overall aim of these recommendations is to facilitate corporate accountability through tracking and disclosing biodiversity impacts and dependencies using commonly agreed methods. Julie acts as project and technical lead for the biodiversity measurement component of the project. Working with a range of project partners and stakeholders, Julie is responsible for the successful delivery of these outputs which includes rigorous corporate engagement through a Community of Practice and Technical Hub.

Aligning Biodiversity Measures for Business collaboration | Project Lead

Julie leads the Aligning Biodiversity Measures for Business collaboration which aims to seek common ground on the measurement, monitoring and disclosure of corporate impacts and dependence on biodiversity. By convening a range of stakeholders interested in biodiversity measurement (i.e. private sector, academia, government, and policy makers), the collaboration aims to encourage the development of credible biodiversity indicators and contribute to the success of international global biodiversity goals.

Biodiversity Guidance to accompany the Natural Capital Protocol & supplementary training for the We Value Nature campaign | Technical Expert

As part of UNEP-WCMC’s work with the Capitals Coalition and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Julie acted as technical lead on the development and piloting of the corporate biodiversity measurement guidance and the creation of an online Navigation Tool for biodiversity measurement. This work strengthens how biodiversity is covered within the Natural Capital Protocol - which is a framework for companies to identify, measure and value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. To support the implementation and use of these tools, Julie is leading the development of an online training programme as part of a ‘Train the Trainer’ series for We Value Nature. This training programme will allow business’ and any interested stakeholders to train their staff on how to measure and value natural capital, including biodiversity