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Julie Dimitrijevic

Associate Programme Officer | Business and Biodiversity

Julie utilises her skills as a technical biologist and science communicator to support a variety of projects within the Business and Biodiversity Programme. By taking scientific information and synthesising it into easy-to-interpret materials, Julie ensures UNEP-WCMC’s business partners are kept well informed and up to date on pertinent biodiversity information.

Previous experience & expertise

Julie is a marine biologist with research and field skills in assessing biodiversity and understanding the effects of plastic pollution. In 2018, Julie graduated from Simon Fraser University with an MSc in Biology after assessing the practicality of utilising the blue mussel as an indicator of microplastic pollution. During this time, Julie was the lead author on a governmental report aiming to inform scientists on effective methodologies to extract and identify microplastics in various marine samples. Prior to her MSc, Julie worked for an environmental consulting firm where she assessed habitats and biodiversity at risk from proposed development projects.

Recent work by Julie Dimitrijevic

The Aligning Biodiversity Measures for Business Initiative | Associate Programme Officer

Julie helps coordinate various project components of the Aligning Biodiversity Measures for Business initiative. This initiative aims to form a common view among key stakeholders on the measurement, monitoring and disclosure of corporate biodiversity impacts and dependencies to encourage the development of credible indicators and contribution to global biodiversity goals.

Biodiversity Indicators for Extractives | Associate Programme Officer

Julie provides coordination and technical assistance for the Corporate Biodiversity Indicators project. Developed through collaborative efforts between Conservation International and Fauna & Flora International, the project works closely with a range of partners to further develop current thinking on corporate biodiversity indicators.