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Katherine Moul

Associate Programme Officer | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Katherine provides technical and analytical support to a number of projects within the Ecosystem Assessment Programme. In particular, she contributes towards the Centre’s work on natural capital, ecosystem assessment and accounting to support the development of national biodiversity strategies and multi-lateral environmental agreements.

Previous experience & expertise

Katherine joined the Centre in 2017, having previously worked in environmental consulting for 3 years, where she contributed to numerous international and national projects – particularly involving the application of ecosystem services to the water industry. Katherine holds an MSc in Environmental Technology and a BSc in Biology (with a Year in Industry/Research) both from Imperial College London.

Recent work by Katherine Moul

Supporting implementation of Convention on Biological Diversity COP decision XIII/24 |

The project supported the work of the advisory group on synergies, to prepare and provide advice on actions of decision XIII/24. Katherine provided support to develop a compendium of guidance documents available for capturing, managing, and using data in multi-lateral environmental agreement implementation and reporting.

Natural Capital Finance Alliance: Advancing Environmental Risk Management |

The project considered the economic sector’s impacts on natural capital assets and the provision of ecosystem services. Katherine provided technical and analytical support through database creation and management of global and national-level data inventories for four priority countries.

Global biodiversity indicator support |

The project supported the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (BIP), a global initiative to promote and coordinate the development and delivery of biodiversity indicators. Katherine provided support through maintenance of the BIP website to showcase the applicability of global indicators at the national level.