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Larry Hildebrand

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Areas of collaboration with UNEP-WCMC


In training the upcoming generation of ocean managers, mostly from developing countries, Larry Hildebrand focuses on preparing and building the capacity of these leaders to understand the value and importance of coastal and marine ecosystems and natural resources, to face the growing challenges in our coastal and ocean ecosystems, and to start the planning process for a very different ocean environment and economy in the coming decades. As a Fellow of the UNEP-WCMC, he brings real world insights and needs from our students to the UN system, and in turn, connects them with the invaluable work the Centre produces.

Previous experience & expertise

Professor Larry Hildebrand has been contributing professionally in coastal and ocean governance and management since 1978. He has worked as a research scientist, policy advisor and senior programme manager with the Canadian federal government, as Adjunct and/or Visiting Professor at universities in North and South America, the Caribbean and China, and as programme evaluation and training consultant to various UN agencies. Since 2013, Dr. Hildebrand has been a Professor at the UN’s World Maritime University in Malmö Sweden. His professional interests include integrated coastal and ocean management, marine spatial planning and planning for the ‘future ocean’.