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Laura Mack

Events Officer | Development and Communications

Laura is responsible for coordinating the centre’s attendance and engagement at a variety of events across the world, managing the logistics and overseeing event communication with both internal and external colleagues. Laura also manages, facilitates, and supports the organisation and running of WCMC events both in-person and online such as: workshops, webinars, training sessions, and launches which contain presentations, panel sessions, Q&As, and the use of breakout groups and virtual interactivity such as Miro and Mentimeter.

Previous experience & expertise

After completing a BSc in Bio-Veterinary Science at the University of Lincoln, studying the nesting behaviours of sea turtles in Mexico, Laura continued her studies at the University of Exeter undertaking a Master’s degree in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology, submitting a thesis investigating the effect of environmental factors on mating behaviour in Drosophila. Since finishing her studies, Laura has gained experience and skills in the events sector, which she continues to develop in her role at UNEP-WCMC.