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Lera Miles

Principal Technical Specialist in Area Based Planning | Climate Change and Biodiversity

Lera coordinates UNEP-WCMC’s work for the UN-REDD Programme, which involves most of the Climate Change and Biodiversity team and is highly collaborative with colleagues in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UNEP regional offices. Our work helps REDD+ countries on safeguards and land-use planning for REDD+ that achieves multiple benefits.

Previous experience & expertise

Before joining UNEP-WCMC in 2002, Lera completed her PhD on “The impact of global climate change on tropical forest biodiversity in Amazonia”, at Leeds University. Her BSc is in Biology (Bristol), and her MSc in Conservation (UCL). From 2002-2007 she worked mainly on spatial analysis, scenarios and modelling at a global to regional scale and for ecosystems including forest, mountains and the Arctic. She co-edited the World Atlas of Great Apes and their Conservation, and managed over 20 projects. In 2007, Lera developed and launched the Centre’s Climate Change and Biodiversity Programme, and since then has largely been working on REDD+ issues. She is an author on 16 journal articles and numerous UN publications.

A list of her journal articles is available here.

Recent work by Lera Miles

UN-REDD Programme work on safeguards and multiple benefits (Global Programme / Support to National Action) | Project Lead

Lera coordinates and manages UNEP-WCMC’s contribution to the UN-REDD Programme, which helps countries to apply the Cancun safeguards for REDD+, and to integrate biodiversity and ecosystem services considerations into their planning for REDD+. We provide capacity building, technical support and development of tools, guidance and communication materials. As well as overseeing this country work, Lera has led UNEP’s contribution to the development of key global products such as the UN-REDD Benefits and Risks Tool. More information on our work for UN-REDD is available here.