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Lisa Ingwall-King

Programme Officer | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Lisa’s main area of work at the Centre focuses on the ecosystem services approach. She is currently working on reviewing and developing ecosystem services tools. Her other area of work is linked to the development of ecosystem services indicators on both the national and international level.

Previous experience & expertise

For the past four years, Lisa has conducted research on issues surrounding ecosystem services assessment and community-based natural management with Royal Holloway University of London. Previously to this she worked at Epping Forest District Council where she developed policy and coordinated the Council’s environmental work. Lisa has also worked and conducted field research in East Africa and South America. She has an MSc Conservation Biology from Stockholm University and a BSc Environmental Biology from University of Greenwich.

Recent work by Lisa Ingwall-King

OPERAs (Operational Potential of Ecosystem Services) (Fp7) | Project Officer

UNEP-WCMC is leading the work to develop a resource hub within the OPERAs project which aims to operationalize the ecosystem services and natural capital concept. Within this project UNEP-WCMC is also managing the development of ecosystem services information tools.