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Lisen Runsten

Project Coordinator: The Development Corridor Partnerships | Science

Lisen coordinates The Development Corridors Partnership project, a four year, £5 million project that will generate decision-relevant evidence relevant to challenges facing development corridor processes in East Africa and feed it into key decision making processes to improve the sustainable development outcomes of investments in development corridors.

Previous experience & expertise

Lisen previously worked as a consultant for UNEP-WCMC based at FAO in Rome, supporting interagency collaboration between FAO and UNEP on spatial planning and REDD+ safeguards. Previously at UNEP-WCMC, Lisen led several projects to support UN-REDD countries' decision making on spatial planning, REDD+ safeguards and multiple benefits aspects of forest management. She has also worked at FAO, among other things on sourcebooks on climate-smart agriculture, in the REDD+ Partnership Secretariat, and on interactions between land tenure and climate change policy. Prior to this, she engaged in MSc studies at Stockholm Resilience Centre (Ecosystems, Governance and Globalization) and at Gothenburg University (Ecological Zoology).