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Liz Womack

Senior Programme Officer | Species

Since joining UNEP-WCMC in 2008, Liz has gained considerable experience supporting international species-related Conventions and agreements (CITES, CMS and the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations), through the production of species assessments and analyses, provision of scientific and technical advice and coordination of projects relating to the sustainable use of wildlife in international trade.

Previous experience & expertise

Liz gained her PhD through studying the ecology of a wild mandrill horde in Lopé National Park, Gabon. She has also conducted fieldwork in East Africa and the Caribbean. Liz has a BSc in Biology and Geography and an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation.

Recent work by Liz Womack

EU Wildlife Trade Support Services | Project Manager

Liz co-manages and undertakes work to provide the European Commission and EU Member States with support to implement the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations. This includes the planning and coordination of programme staff to undertake species sustainability assessments and other outputs, provision of scientific and technical advice, quality assurance and budget management.

CITES Review of Significant Trade |

Liz provides expert input into the compilation and quality control of species assessments undertaken to assist the CITES Secretariat and the CITES Animals and Plants Committees with the Review of Significant Trade - a key compliance process of the Convention.

Implementation of the EU Timber Regulation | Project Manager

Liz manages [maternity cover] and undertakes work to support the European Commission and EU Member States in monitoring and assessing the implementation and enforcement of the EU Timber Regulations and FLEGT. This includes analyses of international trade in timber, synthesis of FLEGT National Reports, overviews of timber source countries and bi-monthly briefing notes.