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Luca Cugliari

Web Developer | Informatics

As a web developer, Luca maintains and also creates web applications within the Informatics programme using cutting edges technology like Ruby on Rails.

Previous experience & expertise

Luca has a Master's Degree in Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology from the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Italy.

During his internship at ISAC he realized numerical simulations using an AGCM (Atmospheric General Circulation Model) in order to better understand how the effects of increasing of the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases have driven climate change in the Southern Hemisphere.

After his graduation he worked for an information technology company improving his object oriented programming skills and developing e-commerce B2B and on-demand insurance web applications with Ruby on Rails.

Recent work by Luca Cugliari

Species + |

Species+ provides a centralized portal for accessing key information on species of global concern. Luca contributes on extending the functionalities of the trade reporting system.