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Michael Harfoot

Senior Ecosystem Modelling Scientist | Science

Mike is an earth system scientist with a strong interest in the biological world and his work primarily involves developing mechanistic models to project biodiversity futures. In particular, Mike is working with colleagues at WCMC and Microsoft Research to develop the Madingley model, a novel model of ecosystems. In addition, Mike works with others in the Centre to construct and employ models that can provide insights and answers to specific conservation questions.

Previous experience & expertise

During his PhD undertaken at the University of Cambridge, Mike modeled biogeochemical influences on the chemistry of the atmosphere. Subsequently, he applied his computational and analytical skills to investigating and informing climate policy for UK, European and International institutions. For the past three years Mike has been engaged in full time development of the Madingley General Ecosystem Model, during which time he has gained an understanding of a broad set of ecological and biodiversity sciences and the computational techniques involved in studying them. 

Recent work by Michael Harfoot

Madingley Model | Research Scientist

Mike has collaborated with colleagues at WCMC and Microsoft Research to develop a novel, mechanistic model for whole ecosystems that is applicable globally. The model aims to provide a radically different tool for decision makers to employ in order to understand the future of biodiversity under global change.