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Mike Gill

Fellow | Fellows

Areas of collaboration with UNEP-WCMC

UNEP-WCMC has been an important partner on many projects Mike has led involving the design and implementation of national, regional and thematic biodiversity observation networks. UNEP-WCMC is a world-leader in capacity building approaches for biodiversity conservation and Mike sees great potential in strengthening current partnerships to more effectively and efficiently serve the needs of national governments to produce, access and utilize relevant biodiversity data and related outputs (e.g. national indicators) for decision-making.


Previous experience & expertise

For 25 years, Mike Gill has led the implementation of user-driven and results-oriented biodiversity conservation, research, and monitoring programs spanning the Arctic, North America, Eurasia, Antarctica and Latin America. Gill’s achievements include the design and implementation of a pan-Arctic biodiversity monitoring program as well as facilitating the design of several national biodiversity observation systems. Gill has advised multiple governments, senior officials, and Environment Ministers on conservation issues, produced over 50 scientific publications and won several awards for his work. As GEO BON Co-Chair, Gill provides overall leadership with a focus on the establishment of user-driven biodiversity observation and information networks.