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Miriam Guth

Associate Programme Officer | Climate Change and Biodiversity

Miriam supports the implementation of a range of projects undertaken by the Programme, especially those relating to REDD+ and to management of ecosystems other than forests to address climate change and support biodiversity conservation. Her work includes reviewing literature, sourcing data and preparing draft text for information outputs, including technical syntheses, publications and reports.

Previous experience & expertise

Miriam holds a BSc in forestry and an MSc in “Tropical and International Forestry” from the University of Göttingen, Germany. Throughout her studies, she participated in a variety of international projects.  After finishing her MSc, she spent several months in the Pacific region working on REDD+ in Vanuatu as part of the GIZ project “Climate protection through forest conservation in the South Pacific”. Having completed an internship in the Species Programme in 2015, Miriam has returned to UNEP-WCMC to work in the Climate Change and Biodiversity Programme.

Recent work by Miriam Guth

UN-REDD Targeted Support for Mongolia |

Miriam contributes to the project which aims to support the planning for multiple benefits from REDD+ in Mongolia.

Managing ecosystems in the context of climate change mitigation |

Miriam contributed to a review of current knowledge and recommendations for action for the CBD Secretariat to assist with decision-making regarding the management of non-forest ecosystems.