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Naomi Kingston

Head of Operations | Senior Management Team

As Head of Operations, Naomi is responsible for delivering excellence in all aspects of the operations management across UNEP-WCMC, ensuring we are operating effectively and efficiently in all aspects of our business. Her responsibilities include: programmatic oversight, performance management, compliance, and oversight of human resources.  

Previous experience & expertise

Naomi was previously Head of the Conserved Land and Seascapes Programme for 7 years, leading UNEP-WCMC’s work on protected and conserved areas, the marine environment, and knowledge management. Following a PhD in Conservation Biology from Trinity College, Dublin, Naomi worked as a post-doctoral research fellow and as an environmental consultant, before spending nearly ten years as a Conservation Scientist with the Irish government’s nature conservation agency. She has extensive experience of working on the interface between ecological studies and information management, promoting the open sharing of biodiversity data to improve conservation decision making.

Recent work by Naomi Kingston

Protected Planet |

Protected Planet, a joint initiative of UNEP-WCMC and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, sets out to be a unique and prominent platform for building the World Database of Protected Areas, undertaking analyses that underpin decision-making, networking and communicating with protected area stakeholders and influencing the achievement of global goals that rely on the world’s protected areas.

Protected Areas Resilient to Climate Change |

Protected Areas Resilient to Climate Change sets out to develop strategies and tools to increase the resilience of protected areas to climate change, and build capacity. To achieve these aims, the project heavily relies on the support from all its local, regional, and international partners. The project is currently active in West Africa, with plans to roll it out to other regions.