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Raquel Agra

Programme Officer | Climate Change and Biodiversity

Raquel contributes to the work of the Climate Change and Biodiversity Programme using her experience in the integration of ecosystem services into policy, planning, and practice. She works on projects that explore the relationship between biodiversity and climate change to support management decisions with effects in both biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation/adaptation. This includes work on ecosystem assessment for peatlands, on information to support decision-making on ecosystem restoration, and on nature-based solutions for sustainable development. Evaluating the impacts of climate-related policies on biodiversity and ecosystem services in order to enhance biodiversity benefits from their implementation is another focus.

Previous experience & expertise

Raquel has experience working with both the public and private sector to develop policies that consider the values of ecosystems. Before joining the Centre, Raquel worked with GIZ coordinating an IKI-funded Project on the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) in Brazil. Besides managing the project activities and budget, her work focused on establishing synergies among partners and delivering tools to help decisionmakers integrate ecosystem services into their planning processes. Previously, she has worked in the public sector and in environmental consultancy. She has a PhD from University of Aveiro (Portugal) and an MSc from University of Coimbra (Portugal).