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Samantha Hill

Senior Biodiversity Modelling Scientist | Science

Sam is a technical specialist in the Science Programme. Sam’s work focuses on the use of statistical models to gain a deeper understanding of how humans have impacted biodiversity and what steps we can take to ensure the continuance of humanity together with the natural world.

Previous experience & expertise

For the last four years Sam has been working on the PREDICTS project in a collaboration between UNEP-WCMC, the Natural History Museum in London and Imperial College London. Prior to her work with PREDICTS, Sam studied an aquatic invasive species as a post-doctoral researcher at Bristol University, worked as a consultant for Natural England and for a private consultancy, was employed in the Persistent Organic Pollutants Branch in Environment Canada, worked for a zoo, and undertook turtle conservation work abroad. Sam’s research for her MSc in Environmental Biology focused on marine ecology, and her PhD investigated the conservation of a rare aquatic invertebrate.

Recent work by Samantha Hill


Sam’s role in PREDICTS is to gather and analyse data from primary sources, with the aim to understand current impacts to biodiversity from anthropogenic pressures, and to predict future trends in the loss of biodiversity. Sam is presently working on comparisons of the PREDICTS outputs with other global models, the integration of the PREDICTS database with recent updates to global scenarios, and the impacts of forest change on global biodiversity. Sam’s interest in conservation management has resulted in a recent paper on protected area effectiveness as well as input to the Protected Planet Report 2016.

Status and Trends report for the 4th Global Biodiversity Outlook |

This project provided an indication of current and expected progress towards the Aichi Targets by the analysis of trendline data for each of the targets. Sam’s work has focused on the search and analysis of novel metrics for each target.