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Sophie Banks

Associate Programme Officer | Species

Sophie contributes to projects supporting the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR) and the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations. This includes producing species assessments for species commonly traded at the international level and analysis of national measures to ensure compliance with the EUTR.

Previous experience & expertise

Sophie has recently graduated from Lancaster University with a MSc in Ecology & Conservation. Her thesis was based on CITES and the legal wildlife trade to determine patterns within the species selected for international protection. Sophie also graduated from a degree in Zoology at the University of Liverpool where she worked on a public awareness campaign linked to the pangolin trade in association with a local museum.

Recent work by Sophie Banks

Species assessments |

Sophie contributes to reviews of the status of species subject to international trade to support decision-making by CITES and EU Member States in relation to the sustainability of trade.

Implementation of the EU Timber Regulation |

Sophie supports work in the context of the monitoring and assessment of the implementation and enforcement of the EU Timber regulation. This includes assisting with an analysis of national legislation or supporting an assessment of the application of EUTR obligations by operators (industry).